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BIOTROPIN PERFORMANCE (HGH Somatropin 120 IU) 10 Vials Lifetech Labs



MAKE BY: Lifetech Labs

PACKAGE: 10 vials (12 IU/vial)

DOSAGE: 4 IU/day


Original price was: $500.00.Current price is: $450.00.

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BIOTROPIN PERFORMANCE (HGH Somatropin 120 IU) 10 Vials Lifetech Labs


Biotropin Performance (Somatriopin) is specifically designed for sports users who want to optimize muscle mass.

A gain of about 25% of muscle mass in 3 to 4 months, as well as an increased metabolism with more energy and endurance that will improve the results of the body development.

Somatropin HGH quality for demanding athletes.

Biotropin (somatropin injection) is a chain of 191 amino acids. This HGH is the latest human growth hormone recombinant produced by Lifetech Labs. Biotropin Performance offers a concentration of 12 IU / vial, ideal for the sustainable development of the body and the increase of muscle mass.

Growth hormone (Somatropin) Biotropin Performance by Lifetech Labs is specifically designed for Active Sportsmen looking for muscle development. Metabolism is increased, accompanied by an improvement of energy and stamina that will boost the results of physical development.

Benefits of Biotropin :
Smoother skin (first noticeable on the back of the hand and later on the body)
Faster hair and nail growth
Higher energy levels
Faster energy recovery after physical activity
Body fat loss
Muscle growth

The amount of muscle gained by using Biotropin depends on many factors including physical activity, genetics, diet, age, quality and quantity of sleep, lifestyle, and previous usage of steroids or hGH.

It may take a few weeks before you see results from your Biotropin therapy. You may not notice the changes at first as results comes progressively. If you take Biotropin every day, you will improve the likelihood of positive results. Results may possibly vary according to individuals.




The recommended dosage is for athletes in good condition (exercise 3-5 times a week, sleep at least 7 hours per night and a high protein food to hope for a gain up to 25% muscle mass in 4-5 months.

1 injection of 4 IU per day (before breakfast).

It may take several weeks before you see the first results of the treatment. The changes come gradually and may vary between individuals.

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