AM 2201 Powder

AM 2201 Powder


AM-2201 is a recreational designer drug that acts as a potent but nonselective full agonist for the cannabinoid receptor.

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AM-2201 Powder Online is a recreational designer drug that acts as a potent but nonselective full agonist for the cannabinoid receptor. The AM-2201 (1-(5-fluoropentyl)-3-(1-naphthoyl)indole) is a designer drug that acts as a potent but nonselective full agonist for the cannabinoid receptor. It is part of the AM series of cannabinoids discovered by Alexandros Makriyannis at Northeastern University.

Cas No: 335161-24-5
Formula: C24H22FNO
IUPAC: 1-[(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indol-3-yl]-(naphthalen-1-yl)methanone

Drug–Drug Interactions of AM-2201 Powder Online

The hepatic cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzyme system is involved in SC metabolism. JWH-018 and AM-2201 Powder Online (its fluorinated analogue) are metabolized in the liver by CYP2C9 and 1A2. Thus, there is the potential to cause AE when given concurrently with medications such as valproic acid, warfarin, phenytoin, and ciprofloxacin. CYP2C9 is also present in the intestines and is involved in the metabolism of orally ingested SCs whereas CYP1A2 is present in the lungs and involved in the metabolism of smoked SCs. CYP2D6 is thought to be involved in metabolism of these products in the cortex, hippocampus and cerebellum. Glucuronic acid conjugation facilitates elimination of these products in the urine and glucuronide metabolite formation involves UGT isoforms. Given the variability in SCs including products combined with other drugs, the possibility of within product interactions and interactions with prescribed medications exist and should be considered. However, additional studies are needed to better understand the clinical significance of these interactions [17R].

Variants of synthetic cannabinoids detected among apprehended drivers
Despite the enormous number of available synthetic cannabinoids, the different variants of synthetic cannabinoids detected in published DUI cases are relatively limited. This could be due to analytical limitations (you only find what you are looking for), and the fact that the presented cases fall into a narrow time frame (the spectrum of analytes that is present in the samples will changes over time). The most frequently detected synthetic cannabinoids in the presented DUI cases so far include JWH-122, JWH-018, AM-2201, and JWH-210. The different variants detected may also mirror different trends of abuse in different countries and regions, given that different laboratories have the same repertoire of synthetic cannabinoids. In DUI cases referred to in this paper, JWH-122 was one of the most frequently detected synthetic cannabinoids in Germany and the United States, but this variant was not at all detected in the Norwegian material, although included in the analytical method. AM-2201 was the most frequently detected synthetic cannabinoid among apprehended drivers involved in a traffic accident. One-third of all published DUI cases with detection of AM-2201 were involved in traffic accidents. Few of the drivers who tested positive for the other most popular variants were involved in accidents. The different variants detected in the available literature are given in Table 88.4. However, it must be kept in mind that the synthetic cannabinoids available in “herbal mixtures” change rapidly over time.

Buy AM-2201 Powder Online

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